Kanto & Real Celts are the most highly rated underachieving soccer teams in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The Celts are not just a football team but a social institution. Careful co-ordination behind the scenes in kantoceltdom allows the stars juggle football and fame in the face of various adversities like work, women, alcohol and the occasional pub crawl through Tokyo.

With the Bosman ruling strictly in force here in Japan the Celts have enlisted the services of overseas talents from as far away as Russia, Canada, US, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and England. Within the ranks we boast a Harvard Lawyer, Westlife reject, Zoolander himself, Bjorn Borgs stepchild and a Kenyan.

As the most recognised team in Japan and possibly Asia-Pacific, Celts spend much of their time on tour to places like Phuket, Nagano and Atami representing Ireland and anything green. Kanto Celts are always on the lookout for new talent to nurture and strengthen the squad.
Kanto & Real Celts FC are proud to play in the Tokyo Metropolis League. We currently have two teams.

Kanto Celts play in TML Division 1
Real Celts play in TML Division 2
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